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Monday, December 19, 2011

Surely Not a Green Christmas

Sweater: oldnavy
Boots: clarks
Necklace: handmade

 OK so I seriously love everything about this sweater. Its my new Christmas sweater. Also my birthday gift to me. Not usually a sequin person but it went so well with the pattern I found my self unable to resist. The perfect Christmas sweater without being the classic 'ugly christmas sweater'. Not that you'd know its mid december with these photos :( I've been so busy this last few months that 'I haven't really gotten much christmas shopping done. It probably the first christmas in a long time that I'm not prepared for it.

Sterling silver etruscan chain bracelet: This is probably my favourite project so far. It was hell to form and solder all those jump rings, but the actual weaving was fun. I love the way it turned out, considering I had never done anything like it before. Its my style for sure, the woven chain with bluish/black patina. I've worn this bracelet quite a bit actually. Probably the only thing I've made so far that I really want to keep for me. 


snowangel787 said...

hehehehe and it WAS a white Christmas! ♥♥♥

Style und Sein said...

I like your blog! I support you and follow you (on bloglovin). Hope you follow back?

Marcel http://styleundsein.de