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Monday, January 2, 2012

Silver Christmas

Cardigan: Jacob
Skirt: old navy
Boots: Clarks
Bracelet: Handmade
Necklaces: Vintage/mynamenecklace

Something about this skirt called to me. Not usually my colour, or length of skirt, but I decided to do it anyways. Its probably one of my favorite items this fall/ winter. I've always been nervous about wearing long skirts. I'm short. Length is always a big concern. I had found a good short length and kinda stuck with it. Also I worry that a long skirt will make me look like I'm heading to a medieval fair...

I'm not usually much of a silver person. But since most of our projects at school are done in sterling silver so I seem to have developed a fondness for it. At the very least I'm beginning to appreciate it.

sterling silver snow flake ring. A little something I made for my sister for Christmas. It was wonderful making something without any guidelines or marking schemes to follow. The last thing I made before the school closed for christmas.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Surely Not a Green Christmas

Sweater: oldnavy
Boots: clarks
Necklace: handmade

 OK so I seriously love everything about this sweater. Its my new Christmas sweater. Also my birthday gift to me. Not usually a sequin person but it went so well with the pattern I found my self unable to resist. The perfect Christmas sweater without being the classic 'ugly christmas sweater'. Not that you'd know its mid december with these photos :( I've been so busy this last few months that 'I haven't really gotten much christmas shopping done. It probably the first christmas in a long time that I'm not prepared for it.

Sterling silver etruscan chain bracelet: This is probably my favourite project so far. It was hell to form and solder all those jump rings, but the actual weaving was fun. I love the way it turned out, considering I had never done anything like it before. Its my style for sure, the woven chain with bluish/black patina. I've worn this bracelet quite a bit actually. Probably the only thing I've made so far that I really want to keep for me. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Super Cozy

Probably the last time I go anywhere without a full sweater and jacket (and gloves and scarf and hat). This cardigan is so cute I just loved it and bought it impulsively (like my red jeans). But when I took it home I found it hard to wear (like my red jeans). I feel like I have to wear black or white with it as everything else ends up being a little too loud (... like my red jeans). It is super cozy and the arms are pretty tight so I can wear a jacket over it which is nice. 

cardigan: old navy
cozy socks: old navy
necklaces: handmade

Some of my sterling silver projects. I'm actually really happy with how the chain turned out. I actually got to spend some time on the finishing of this chain. Its really the first one I'm happy with. First time making a clasp too. Its only a super simple 'S' clasp but I'm still stupidly proud of it. I can only hope in a couple years I can look back at it and shake my head.

This is the sterling silver version of my double band ring. You can see all kinds of ugly pits, uneven patina and fire stain on it. I was pretty happy with it when I handed it in, only a couple weeks later the mistakes are really noticeable. The only thing I still like is the inside finish. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some Soldering Practice

I've recently discovered that with hair this long and a program where you work with fire and drills and violently spinny things all day, braids are all that really keeps my hair out of the way. So I'm still stuck in my braid funk. Upside: when I do get a chance to let it down, boy is it curly. Down side: I'm sick of braids. This is my attempt at a rope braid for the first time. Its super easy, but doesn't look as nice as I was hoping. I saw an H&M display were the models had crazy full and pretty rope braids. To be fair it was fake hair so they could probably do whatever they wanted with it. But I was hoping to achieve some body and texture with this and it just looks... skinny. 
Dress: F21
Jacket: old
Earrings: F21
Necklaces: hand made

Paper crane necklace with dangly pearl: done in brass (my fav practice material) the original I actually made for my mom for remembrance day. but I liked it so much I made one for me too :)
Double band ring with rectangle design: this was actually a mock up for one of our projects at school. This one, done in brass went pretty well. So I felt confident to do it in sterling silver. Ha! For my first real soldering project I guess it turned out ok, but boy were there pits and fire stain and uneven lines... just not cool. I went ahead and finished this one in brass sometime later. Once I had a little more soldering and finishing practice. Its a size 9 though which is waaay too big for me to wear even on my thumb. Wonder if I can give it as a gift or sell it to a guy.